The Importance of Hiring A Professional Electrician

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The Importance of Hiring A Professional Electrician

When I bought my first house, I figured that I could do most of the repairs. After successfully installing a backsplash and replacing some of the carpet, I started focusing on things like electrical work. Unfortunately, the reference guide I was using was outdated, and I was shocked by a new type of cable. That day, I decided that some tasks simply aren't cut out for novice homeowners. I shifted my focus to hiring professional subcontractors, and it made a world of difference. This blog talks about the dangers of doing your own electrical work, and why you should always use a professional.

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Four Tips For Electrical Holiday Safety

There's no doubt about it; the holiday season typically leads to a higher use electricity in the home. This is both because of the extra lighted decor, as well as the need to turn on lighting earlier in the evening because it gets darker earlier in the day. The additional use of electricity, though can lead to some danger, so it's important to consider these four tips for safety:

  1. Keep Your Christmas Tree Watered: You wouldn't think that this would be an electrical safety tip, but it really is simply because there is a dangerous combination here of flammable material, electricity, and water. The biggest tip is to keep your tree watered to prevent the tree from drying out. This is dangerous because a dried out tree can go up in flames rapidly. The other biggest tip is to ensure that when you water the tree, you are keeping it contained in the water bowl and the electrical cords for the lights are not dipping into the water bowl at all. 
  2. Check Your Holiday Lights: Before putting up lights, you want to be sure that you are checking them for any damages. Putting up holiday lights that have frayed ends or damages on the cords anywhere can be dangerous and set on fire quickly. If you have lights that are damaged in this way, it's best to toss them and replace with new ones. The best way to avoid damages in the first place is to store them correctly, which would be in a tightly sealed container so that no pests or water could get to them.
  3. Buy Lights That Have Been Laboratory Tested: Next, you want to be sure that when you do end up buying new lights, you buy only ones that have been laboratory tested. This is going to ensure that they have gone through extensive safety testing, so chances of them causing an electrical fire in your home is slim. The box will indicate whether or not the lights have been through this kind of testing. 
  4. Use the Lights Correctly: When you do use lights, you want to use them correctly. This means not using lights that are intended for indoor use outside. You also don't want to use lights intended for outdoors inside. Although the later is less dangerous. Lights that are meant for indoor use don't have as thick of insulation, so they are more likely to suffer damages from outdoor conditions. 

With these four tips, you can be sure that you stay safer this holiday season. Be sure to hire professional electrical repair if you need to update any outlets or add new ones to your home because you need it for the extra use of holiday lights this season.