The Importance of Hiring A Professional Electrician

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The Importance of Hiring A Professional Electrician

When I bought my first house, I figured that I could do most of the repairs. After successfully installing a backsplash and replacing some of the carpet, I started focusing on things like electrical work. Unfortunately, the reference guide I was using was outdated, and I was shocked by a new type of cable. That day, I decided that some tasks simply aren't cut out for novice homeowners. I shifted my focus to hiring professional subcontractors, and it made a world of difference. This blog talks about the dangers of doing your own electrical work, and why you should always use a professional.

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Plug It In: Five Outlet Types Ideal For The Home

If you're like most people, you use electrical outlets in your day-to-day life. They bring power to your entire house and make powering or charging objects easier. While standard outlets are the most common option available for your home, they aren't the only option. Here are five different types of outlets to consider for your home:

1. Tamper Resistant

If you have children, you should definitely consider using tamper resistant outlets. Like the name suggests, these outlets prevent kids or pets from messing with them. In order to work properly, the item must insert correctly into the outlet. The remainder of the time, the outlet holes remain closed so that they cannot be tampered with. It might sound simple—and it is—but it is very handy for keeping your home, children, and pets safe.

2. Weather Resistant

Weather resistant outlets are ideal for the outdoors. As you can probably guess, these outlets are immune to harsh weather conditions. Rain, sleet, snow and wind will not hurt the outlet or cause electrical problems. They are also resistant to corrosion and UV rays, which makes them very stable and safe for outdoor use. However, if you plan to use these outlets in a wet location or one that is prone to water, you might need to use a weatherproof cover as well—just for extra safety.

3. Rotating Outlets

Another handy type of outlet for your home is the rotating outlet. These outlets rotate so that you can plug more items in at once. They also rotate so that they can be hidden when not in use. It's a simple technology, but it's very handy—especially in rooms with lots of electronics, such as the living room.

4. USB Charger

A somewhat newer type of outlet is the USB charger type. It's pretty simple, but very handy. These types of outlets contain both standard plug-ins, as well as USB plug-ins. It's really nice, because a lot of things use USB outlets to charge today. With these types of outlets, you no longer need an adapter to charge your phone. Just plug it in straight to the USB and use the rest of the outlet to power other things, such as laptops or lights.

5. Combination Outlets

Finally, there are combination outlets. These are outlets that combine two or more technologies in one outlet. You can have a guided light, a USB charger, or another type of outlet all in one outlet. It's easy, it saves space, and it makes powering your objects a lot easier.

As you can see, there are several types of outlets available for your home. If you are interested in having one of these installed to make your life easier, contact an electrician such as B Electric Inc.